Priority Application

Involve more key employees in the hiring process rather than relying on one interviewer. This can indicate a fairer assessment of a candidate’s potential cultural fit, distinguishing that from a personal connection of an individual interviewer. Company culture is not down to one person, it comes from all employees, and having a more collaborative assessment where more voices are heard can lead to a better cultural fit hire that’s agreed by the many.

Priority Application is a unique service offered by us, When you subscribe to this service, your Profile will be highlighted as a Priority Application and your application will automatically be moved to the top of the Applicants List for that job. Therefore, higher the scope for getting selected for the job, as this a great service for many International job applications.

Stand out from the rest of the applicants and attract the employers’ attention.

Your application and Profile will be displayed highest on the employer’s list, so you will have a higher chance of being selected as compared to a normal application received from other candidates who have similar work experience and skills.

It’s important to remember that culture fit isn’t about hiring people who are all the same, it’s about individuals who share your vision, goals and values.

The employer will note that you are a serious candidate.


Tax Rates  Rs. 40170.00