Profile Verification

Each year, thousands of job candidates fabricate their education history, in a wide variety of ways.  Modern technology has given rise to Diploma Mills, which issue degrees based on “life experience” or simply for cash. Just because of few candidate companies started cross checking the candidate background .

Sometimes this process isn’t easy ,to make it easy and more flexible we are here to provide your verification reports .Now sit relax and get this task done by our team. Education verification is one of the most important steps to take before hiring an employee.

The company needs people who have certain skills and abilities.

That could mean anything from simply showing up to work to understanding the lack of space for error in tool and die quality control.

Education verifications confirm the type of degree, honors received and date of completion directly with the school registrar. Professional background screening companies maintain a database of legitimate educational institutions as well as known diploma mills to immediately identify them during the education verification process.

Employers verify professional licenses and certifications to make sure that a candidate has the license or certification they claim to have. There are thousands of licenses that can be verified including, but not limited to licensing and certification for medical doctors (MD or DO), registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), certified public accountant (CPA) and lawyers (JD), as well as for stockbrokers, teachers, engineers, pilots and other exam-certified professionals.


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