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Companies are seeking to build teams with a leading edge in the talent acquisition function and therefore they need recruitment solutions that deliver measurable results to meet their business demands quickly.

In addition, we also email your profile and resume to relevant consultants. Once the recruiter’s requirements are found relevant to your profile, your resume is emailed to these consultants within 48 hours of service activation. This relevance is the based on your Functional Area, Location, and Work experience that you specify at the time of placing your order.

Through Resume Publish your resume will be sent to thousands of recruiters/consultants and they in turn will contact you through the communication you have provided in your resume. We recommend that you provide both your email-id and phone number for a better reach.

A savvy recruiter can provide great insights about trends in your field and in your market, as well as provide a barometer of how much you should/could be earning and other compensation criteria, professional must-have skills, and pass along background on a company’s culture.

Finding great senior-level talent is both critically important and formidable, particularly for fast-growth companies. Bringing on new senior leadership at the right time can be a huge boon for the company’s growth (and for your own career), while hiring mistakes at the executive level can be devastating.


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